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Wig Repair Services
*NOTE: Unit MUST BE Clean & Free of Glue - Read Below:
Restore you lace wig back to its original beauty! We offer full lace wig restoration detangling and unmatting repair services on any wigs that any company has designed (we can not repair hairloss on thin skin). This service is typically needed if you have washed your lace wig in the wrong manner and are in need of detangling services. The cost is $175.00 including the cleaning of the unit to be repaired.
Most wigs can be repaired. However, if your unit is beyond repair, you will receive a refund minus the cleaning cost.
Repair Services Include:
  • Restoring the hair back to its original state
  • Includes reperming for curly or wavy units
  • Includes Replacing Hair Loss if needed (extensive hair loss is not repairable)
  • Replacing torn lace
  • And cleaning old residue/gule or tape from unit
NOTE: We DO NOT repair most holes. If you have a rip or hole that you want mended - please open a support ticket first to see if it is repairable. If you send a unit in that is unrepairable - you will receive a refund minus cleaning cost that we incur.
Instructions for Requesting Wig Repair Services:
  • You must first drop off / mail your unit to us.
  • Please put detailed information as to what type of repair is needed
  • A Repair Representative will respond to your ticket and advise if the problem is repairable
  • If it is repairable, you can add the repair to your shopping cart via the website.
  • Do not send units into our office that are still damp from washing. *Our price includes cleaning, so it is not necessary to do yourelf.
Sending Your Unit in For Repair:
  • For sanitary reasons, WE MUST remove ALL GLUE RESIDUE from the lace and hair and we MUST WASH YOUR UNIT first prior to sending it in for repair
    (un-cleaned wigs will not be accepted for repair )
  • Print out the Order Form Receipt which includes your name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Include a Typed Note with the repair areas listed.
  • Repairs will take approximately 4-6 weeks depending on the extent of the repair and how busy our vendor is
  • Pay for Services Below
  • Ship Your Unit along with the above to:

    Mailing Address:
    D.D. Daughters Lace Wig Beautique
    Attn: Repair Dept./Myisha Miller

    424 W. Chew Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19120
Wig Repair Service
Available: Takes 4-6 Weeks
Price: $175.00