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The Weave Extension Sew In Technique gives you realistic length and volume without the use of heat and chemicals. Hair Weaves are a fantastic low cost option for an ultimate hair makeover and are perfect for women who are experimenting with Hair Extensions for the first time!
Weave Extensions are the most popular and one of the safest non-damaging methods available. We want to well inform and educate our clients about Sew In Weave Extensions, please read on...Great info for Healthy Weave Extension Results!
This technique works best with hair that is course or thick, but can work well with very fine, silky hair, too. It can be applied to persons of all ethnic backgrounds. It requires 100 % Human hair that can be blown dry, hot rolled, and use a curling iron on every day. Expect it to last up to 3-4 months.
The First Step
Before we install your Sew In Weave extensions we invite you to come in for a 10-15 minute complimentary In-Salon Sew In Weave Consultation.
During your Sew In Weave Extension Consultation we will color match your hair and discuss various Extension Hair options and different Hair Extension services available to you.
Healthy Hair Weave Extensions
During your consultation you can discuss your options and preview the different types of extension hair suitable for your hair type. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about our hair extension services, view sample hair textures and we will email you a weave extension quote. Our Sew In Weave Extension Consultation usually lasts 10 to 15 minutes.
The Weave Extension Method
The clients own hair is braided into a corn row base (a scalp braid) in a specific braid pattern along the scalp. Then Wefted Human Hair is sewn on top of the braided foundation with a needle and thread.
Human Hair which is sewn and held together at the top end either by machine or hand is known as wefts.
Machine Wefts
Human Hair sewn by a machine is known as machine weft.
Hand-Tied Wefts
Human Hair sewn by hand is known as hand tied weft. The hand-tied hair weft is a much smaller and thinner than the regular machine wefted hair. These wefts are hand-made so that the hair is more secure and allows longer wear per track than the regular machine wefts. It dramatically reduces shedding! The hand-tied weft also reduces the bulkiness of the track when it is weaved on. This allows the hair to flow much more freely and provide a lot of body. Hand-tied wefts we have available in different lengths and textures are approximately 10" wide so that the whole piece is to be used without being cut. It is advisable to use the whole piece without cutting it.
Micro Hand-Tied Wefts
Micro Hand Wefts are super thin and fine, flexible, and the most expensive of all the wefts because of their delicate nature.
Natural Application
Our Sew In Weave Extensions are applied in small discrete rows that lie flat against your scalp ensuring the extension hair blends perfectly with your natural hair.
Extension hair is added by sewing weft onto your braided hair and we ensure there is no unnecessary strain on your hair and scalp.
Simple, chemical and heat free
· Low maintenance
· Lasts up 3-4 Months/10-12 weeks with Maintenance Tightening between installs
· Individual Rows lasts up to 6 weeks
Sewn-In Weave Specifics
When getting a sew in weave extensions there are many options and variations available to create various looks
  • Individual Rows Full-Head w/Small Premade Closure Piece
  • Partial Sew In Full-Head w/Remy Lace Closure Piece
  • Full Sew In Full-Head w/Silk Top Closure Sew In
  • Full-Head Sew In Full-Head w/Lace Frontal Sew In
  • Micro Lace Sew In Full-Head w/Silk Base Lace Frontal Sew In
  • Full-Head Custom Enclosure Sew In
* For specific details on each Sew In Weave Install Method, refer to our Weave Extension Reference Chart
Benefits of Sew In Weave Extensions
· Quick way to add length to short, thinning hair
· A gentle hair extension application technique if braided comfortably
· When the braided foundation is maintenance properly, your hair will be strengthened       between installations
· Protects you own hair by decreasing the stress of daily styling
· Using High Grade Human Hair give you many Styling Options while wearing weave extensions
Cons of Sew In Extensions
We often hear negative comments regarding Sew In Weave Extensions. We decided to inform our clients why we believe weave extensions are considered unsafe.
A lot of times we hear of stylist informing clients that weave extensions are too tight and damaging, when really the Stylist has NOT had the education to properly Install the Extensions, so they persuade the client by speaking negatively against weave extensions.
Some stylist do not know how to properly sew in extensions or they lack proficient knowledge in Sew In Weave Extensions.
Other times a Hair Stylist may know a little about Sew In Weave Extensions and may not have had an advance course on how to properly attached extensions and will still perform the service and charge outrageously for the installation.
In this case the cons appear to outweigh the benefits but please thoroughly read our explanation of the negative results with Sew In Weave Extensions. Here is a list of reasons why we believe people DO NOT HAVE Success with Weave Extensions:
· NOT having a Professional Weave Extensions Consultation
· NOT investing in High Grade Human Hair
· Poor Coverage - Visible Wefts can be seen by others, NOT!
· Bulkiness - Braided Foundation (clients hair braided in a Cone Circle), NOT
· Poor Color Blending, NOT!
· Improper Application, NOT!
· Hair Stylist Does Not have Proper Sew In Weave Extension Training, NOT!
· Client using inexpensive poor quality Human Hair, NOT!
· Client using unlicensed friends, relatives, etc to install their weaves, NOT!
· Clients keeping the Hair Extensions installed too long. Do NOT Exceed 4 Months
· NOT Moisturizing & Oiling Your Scalp - The Scalp needs Oil & Moisture to reduce breakage

· Clients NOT having their Weave Extensions Maintenance& Tightened while wearing
· Clients NOT caring for their natural hair while wearing Hair Extensions - Your hair should be shampooed, conditioned and trimmed between Sew In Installations
· NOT Changing your PART when doing Reinstallations - You should NOT have the same style each time you have your installation done, try focusing on braiding areas that need to rest and grow.
· Wrong TECHNIQUE - Client's own hair may be too thin for certain weave technique. ex: Client may need a Partial Sew In Instead of a Full-Head Sew In
Growing Hair with Weave
When properly installed, sewn- in hair weaving can be very beneficial and have positive results. Hair weaving can play a key factor to hair growth and maintaining of healthier hair. When hair is braided with nominal tension it aids the blood flow to the cells in the scalp to circulate and nourish the hair follicle beneath the scalp. This blood flow actually promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp.
The beauty of Sew In Weave Extensions is that it is a great technique that allows your hair to rest, thicken, and lengthen and protect it from blow drying, chemicals and the environments. In addition, you can still enjoy styling your extension hair and subject it to hot curling, blow drying, fun wavy looks, and more without damaging your own hair.
· No chemicals or glue are needed to apply wefts. Ahh!!! Healthy Sew In Extensions
· Sew In Weave Extensions should be limited to a 10-12 week period. Never exceed 3 months.
· Great for Clients Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural Hair
Proper Weave Removal
· Weaves should be removed between 10-12 weeks from initial installation.
· Weaves should be removed professionally to prevent the cutting of the clients natural hair.
· After wearing Sew In Weaves for 6 Consecutive months, it is beneficial to remove the weave and give your natural hair a break for 2-3 months while you treat your hair with protein and deep conditioning treatments during your break. This helps to keep your natural hair healthy and strong.
· If you opt to fully relax your hair after removing your weave, then wait 6-8weeks before reapplying your weave extensions to reduce tension and breakage on your roots.
Weave Maintenance
Underneath the Weave
It is highly recommended that you oil your hair 1-3 times per week while wearing your hair extensions we will recommend products to keep your natural hair lubricated. This helps to prevent and reduce dryness, tangling, and breakage.
Extension Hair Maintenance
Extension Hair should be shampooed every 7-10 days or every 2-3 weeks.
Recommended Products
· Influance Hydrating/Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
Weave Tightening
· Individual Row Extensions should be removed every 6-8 weeks
· Full, Full-Head Sew In Extensions should be tightened between 6-8 weeks
 Types Of Extension Services We Offer

Individual Row Sewn-In
The clients hair is cornrowed horizontally from ear to ear, then the wefted hair is sewn on to the braids. Mistakes are commonly made with this method, due to size of braid and placement of wefts. When done correctly, this method is comfortable and safe for all textures of hair. This method may not work for someone with fine, see thru hair, and in some cases Alopecia. But, in most cases this is a great method for adding fullness, length, and volume to your existing hair. Clients can have 3-4 rows maximum
Partial Sew In
The Back portion and sides of the client's own hair is braided in a corn row base, then the wefted hair is sewn on to the braids. The crown of the persons natural hair is left out to cover the wefts. This option is perfect for someone who desires fullness on the sides and back , while still incorporating their own hair with their daily styling. If you like high ponytails, or just want to braid the back of your hair and rest it from breakage and allow your hair to go through a growing phase, this is an awesome option!
Full Sew In
All of the back of the clients hair is braided into a cornrow base. The client own hair is left out on the top and sides and also they may leave out hair in the back for high ponytails. Then the wefted hair is sewn on to the braided foundation. This

Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions (AKA Invisible Weave) - Tape-In extensions are 100% human hair, which means they look and feel just like your own. Adhering them will not cause any damage to your hair, and they are easily applied without the use of tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. The extensions are gently removed using a bond remover. With the proper care, tape-in extensions can last as long as other types of extensions, about 3-6 months.

Full-Head Sew In w/Premade Patch Closure
All of the client's hair is braided and a premade patch closure is installed on top of the clients hair. None of the client's natural hair is left out.
Full Head Sew In w/Premade Remy Lace Closure
All of the client's hair is braided and a premade Remy lace or Mono Lace closure piece is installed on top of the clients hair. None of the clients natural hair is left out.
Full-Head Sew In w/Invisible Part
All of the client's hair is braided and a premade Invisible Part Unit is installed on top of the braided foundation. A natural part is created with the clients own scalp. This technique is only good for 6-8 weeks. The natural part will not look as good after 6-8 weeks due to the roots growing out.
Full- Head Sew In w/Silk Top Closure
All of the client's hair is braided. Wefted Hair Extensions are sewn on to the sides and back and a premade Silk Base Top Closure is installed on top of the clients hair. None of the client's natural hair is left out. The Silk Base Top Closure Piece can be attached by sewing or by sewing and with adhesive. This closure piece gives the illusion of a natural part.

Full-Head Sew In w/Lace Frontal
All of the client's hair is braided. Wefted Hair Extensions are sewn on to the back of the hair and a pre-made Lace Frontal Piece is installed on top of the client's hair. None of the client's natural hair is left out.
The Lace Frontal Piece can be attached by Tape or by Adhesive. The Lace Frontal Piece gives the appearance of a natural hairline for those suffering from extreme hair loss. The Frontal piece can be attached at the hair line with a medical grade adhesive. Standard lace frontal are 13" x 4" and can be cut down to fit the clients head.